Industry 4.0

Technological, organizational and management development are very important in our company. In 2014 M.T. started a project for the total integration of the production facility, anticipating the concepts of Industry 4.0. The project involved all company departments and required two years to be completed.

In this perspective we introduced:

Real time production handling and control: the machine tools are connected wireless with our MRP system; this allows a real time monitoring of the status of every single machine tool.

Integrated handling of part programs: we created a centralized data base of part programs on a dedicated server.

Integrated logistic chain: the automated storage systems are integrated with the MRP, the status and position of every part is fully traceable inside the company in real rime.

The quality control department is equipped with 3D measuring machines, able to operate with 3D models in hidden time.

The assembly department is integrated with the technical department, production and storage systems, allowing a flexible and reactive control of assembly priorities.

With the implementation of this project we increased the production efficiency, optimizing the production times and flexibility and reduced the response time to our customers.