At M.T. S.r.l., approximately 95% of the parts necessary for the production are internally realized on high precision and high rigidity machine tools, highly automated and operated by skilled personnel.

Our machine tools

The machines are equipped of the latest available technologies. In particular, the use of M.T. static and driven toolholders allows to maximize the machining precision and performances, and to reduce the machining and set-up times. The new products are released for sales only after long and strict testing and machining procedures performed on our turning centers.

  • The machining center area actually includes in total 17 machines: 8 vertical machining center, 9 horizontal machining centers, one 5 axis milling machine and an high speed machining center. Most of the machines are equipped with tool magazine and loading/unloading pallet system in order to be operated also without personnel.
  • The turning center area, the real core of the company, actually includes 23 machines, most of them are double/triple turret twin spindle machines or equipped with B-Axis and lower turret. Some machines are equipped with dedicated robot for loading/unloading of the parts.
  • The grinding area includes 10 machine tools, many of them equipped with dedicated robot for parts loading and unloading.
  • One machine is dedicated to the lapping and testing of the bevel gears to be assembled on our driven toolholders.
  • The assembly area is equipped with the latest instruments and is operated by highly skilled personnel. An area of this department is dedicated to the assembly of groups according to customer's requirements.

You can receive the detailed list of the machines present in our production department by contacting our sales department.