More than 500 new products every year

The realization of such a result is possible only through a technical department with proven experience and professionalism, equipped with state of the art design tools.

From the beginning of its history, the heart of M.T. has been the continuous innovation made to the products and the use of innovative technical solutions. Today, the solutions developed by us and the number of patents we obtained are evidence of the will to continue on this path of success in the future.

The presence of the internal workshop allows our technical department to know and learn the production process, in order to provide the customer with a real technical consultancy service, from choosing the most suitable set of toolholders to the study of a work cycle. The internal workshop also allows us to internally verify the solutions we propose to our customers. A direct consequence is the engineering of specific and customized solutions according to customers requirements, some of which are also offered in our catalog.

Our technical department is equipped with state of the art software for three-dimensional modeling, FEM simulations and dimensioning of bearings.

The close collaboration with the leading machine tool manufacturers and their representatives in the territory allows us to stay updated on all the new technologies available on the market.

Research and development

The continuous research and development of new products has led to the obtaining of several patents, which include:

  • Driven toolholder for worm screw cutting

Some of the innovative products presented by M.T. during the last years: