Standard Toolholders

M.T. offers a wide range of standard static and driven toolholders, suitable for every machining application.

Static Toolholders

Our static toolholders are engineered to the highest stability and precision, both for turning as for boring.

We manufacture multiple boring bar holders, suitable for the assembly of up to 4+4 boring bars simultaneously for machining on the main and on sub spindle, as well as endmill cutter holders and multiple boring bar toolholders.

Our boring bar holders are equipped with a mechanism that allows the selection on/off of the internal cooling circuit.

We produce also turning toolholders suitable for the simultaneous assembly of 2 or 4 cutting tools. With these toolholders your machine can reach a new level of flexibility, as the machining possibilities increase without requiring additional set-ups.

Driven Toolholders

Our driven toolholders are engineered adopting state of the art technical solutions, joining precision and high cutting capacity in order to push the machine to the limit of its performances.

Some technical highlights of our products are:

  • Oversized internal mechanism, the limit is the power available from the turret!
  • Double high-class axial and radial bearings. Taper roller bearing for heavy duty applications!
  • Helical gears with rounded teeth profile, low noise!
  • Mechanical sealing for internal coolant up to 70 bar!
  • Ceramic coating: corrosion protection, anti wear effect, maximum life of shaft, bearings and seals!

We have available a wide range of static and rotating toolholders VDI, BMT and for many different machine brands. Search the model suitable for your application in our online catalogue!