Tailored to Perfection

Since the beginning of our history, we have distinguished ourselves for the continuous innovation brought to our products and for the use of cutting-edge technical solutions.

Thanks to commitment, research and dedication, we have created products and solutions that did not exist, allowing our customers to use machine tools to their full potential. Today, the solutions we have developed and the numerous patents obtained are evidence of the desire to continue this successful path also in the future.

The internal workshop allows our technical department to know the production processes, in order to be able to provide the customer with a real technical support service, from the choice of the most suitable tool holder equipment to the study of the machining cycle. We also create specific and customized solutions according to customers demand, which in many cases then become part of our catalog.

Thanks to the experience of our technical service and the use of innovative tools and technologies, we produce more than 500 new products every year.

Our products are manufactured in-house in our headquarters in San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini), using highly automated, highly accurate machine tools and specialized personnel.

The use of static and motorized tool holders of our production allows us to maximize precision and performance, reducing processing times and machine set-up.

The new products are subjected to long approval procedures and processing tests directly on our machines, before being released for sale on the market.

The production process is integrated in the perspective of Industry 4.0, which includes:

  • real time management and production control
  • integrated part program management
  • integrated warehouse management
  • three-dimensional measuring machines capable of working on 3D models in masked time
  • assembly department integrated management

All this allows us to make deliveries all over the world in a very short time: a just-in-time service with products ready for shipment in 5 working days from receipt of the order.

MT – Tailored to Perfection