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Our web site is conceived to take into serious consideration your needs and expectations. E.g. we use cookies to identify you and give you easy access to your profile. This page let's your better understand how cookies work and how to set them.

Cookie definition

A cookie is a text file that is downloaded to your computer as you visit a site or you display an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information about your browser and to address you to services suitable for your device (computer, laptop, tablet). Cookies are managed by your internet browser.

Who emits the cookies cookies

These are cookies downloaded from to your computer in order to better address your navigation, optimization and customization needs related to our services.

Third parties cookies

These are cookies that are downloaded from third party companies (e.g. our partners) in order to identify your interests and optionally customize the advertisements you see inside or outside our web site.
They can be downloaded when you visit our site or when you click on an advertisement on our site We take care that our partners severely comply with Directive 2009/136/EC and that they apply adequate security actions and use proper data confidentiality protection systems.

Your Internet browser settings

In every moment you may choose to disable cookies. You browser can be configured in such a way that you are notified about downloaded cookies and requested to accept them or not. You may choose to accept or reject single cookies, or to reject all of them. We remember you that these settings may change the way you access the contents and services that need cookies in our site. If your browser rejects all the cookies, you may not benefit from part of our sevices. In order to manage cookies that are closer to your expectations, we invite you to set your browser by taking into consideration the aim of cookies.

Internet Explorer

Click on 'Settings', then on 'Internet Options'. In the 'Privacy' / 'Advanced' tab, choose the desired option.


Go to 'Preferences', then select the 'Privacy' menu. Now click on 'Show cookies.'


Open the 'Settings' menu, then 'Privacy' and choose the desired option.

Google Chrome

Click on the 'Settings' menu icon. Select 'Show advanced settings', click on the 'Content settings' button and choose the desired option.