Industry 4 School Project

The Industry 4 School Project was born to face the lack of specialized manpower in the Metalworker Industry.

The gap between the school and the world of work is wide in this industry: to be competitive the companies invest in high technological manufacturing that require specialized professional skills, while the school hasn't enough funds to buy updated equipments for its laboratories.

Three forward-thinking entrepreneurs looked for a solution to this problem.
- Marchetti Gianluca for M.T. S.r.l. - Alessandro Pettinari for FomIndustrie S.r.l. and - Pietro Donati for Universal Pack S.r.l. Three leader constantly-expanding companies, located in the Cattolica - San Giovanni in Marignano Industrial Area, in cooperation with three technical schools of the territory - ITTS O. Belluzzi - L. Da Vinci of Rimini - ITIS E. Mattei of Urbino - ISISS P. Gobetti - A. De Gasperi of Morciano di Romagna realized an innovative project with the goal to combine the human capital optimization with the territory economic development.

60 students two times a week, out of school time, attend each one of the three companies, split in two cycles: each cycle provides for 16 hours in each company, for a total of 48 hours/cycle.

In the companies, the participants go directly through state of the art equipments and technologies, flanked by highly professional staff.

The project areas of interest are the mechanical, electrical and electronic planning, the mechanics, the software, the safety and the quality systems.

For example at M.T. the students train on two machine tool simulators supplied by DMG MORI Japan, where they can learn the programming using an interface that reproduces exactly a latest generation lathe and machining centre. Starting from the mechanical drawing, each process phase is explained, from the part programming to the working simulation.

It is a real experience in the world of work, in leader and innovative companies, giving to the participants the possibility to learn specific knowledges pointing out the talent enhancement and the professional realization, undergoing three different mechanical sector realities from the inside.

Furthermore for each school an award has been provided for the most worthy participant togehter with a scholarship for the best students that want to continue Engineering academic study.