NbIoT connected driven toolholder for predictive maintenance.

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MT-SmartLife is the first driven toolholder equipped with the new Cellular IoT technology. Thanks to it, data transmission takes place automatically anywhere in the world, without requiring operator intervention or the addition of gateways or other receiving units to be mounted on the machine.

MT-SmartLife driven modules integrate sensors for the detection of the main operating parameters: temperatures, rotation speed, vibrations and collisions. The information obtained is processed directly by the on-board electronics and sent to the cloud, where it is analyzed through Big Data Analytics using HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) technologies to monitor and analyze the health status of critical components and the conditions of use of the system, in order to anticipate maintenance needs.

MT-SmartLife technology makes Maintenance on Condition possible on the driven toolholder, i.e. maintenance based on the real conditions of use of the product and not on pre-established intervals, with undoubted advantages in terms of costs, availability and efficiency.

The use of advanced encryption protocols guarantees the inviolability of the system. The customer can consult the data in aggregate form through a customized dashboard, which can be viewed via a browser from any device and can receive alarms in the event of abnormal operating conditions in a timely manner.

Thanks to the detection and transmission of information on the actual operation of the product, the MT-SmartLife technology offers the customer a "product + service + added value" package, where the latter is given by the reduction of maintenance costs and the increase of efficiency and continuity of operation of the production process.

Product features

The main features of the product are:

  • The module integrates sensors for temperatures, rotation speed, vibration and collisions
  • The information is sent directly to the cloud thanks to NBioT technology
  • The transmission does not require the addition of components to the machine or operator intervention
  • Access via customized dashboard and alarms for anomalous events
  • Scheduled maintenance based on operating conditions

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